How Long Does a Renovation Take?

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‘Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.’

Renovations revitalize your home by adding style and comfort to a faded or outdated design. The problem is that there seems to be no reliable answer to how long a renovation can take, which has upset many homeowners. You may turn to HGTV programs or various contractors, yet none provide a standard and trustable answer. 

The good news is that there are some ways to better understand the estimation of a renovation time-frame. But for this to happen, homeowners need to provide specific details of their project.

The basic processes of a renovation

A renovation isn’t a single action but a series of steps taken to realize your vision. As such, each phase takes time, and these add up to determine the length of your project. Some of the necessary steps include permit-application, material transportation, demolition works like hacking, and other physical tasks. 

The complexity of a procedure 

Each project is unique, according to the preference of the homeowner. Therefore, contractors need to consider the complex procedures involved in realizing a vision. For instance, your contractor may need to build a false wall before fitting walk-in closets. House extensions and structural changes will take a longer time than cosmetic work such as paint jobs. 

The Skylight team is looking at the renovation floor plans

The scale of a project

The scope of your project will affect the duration. Some homeowners might consider hiring extra workers to speed things up, but this comes with additional cost and subject to availability. Hence, always work closely with your contractors to see how they can help. 

The unforeseen circumstances

Mistakes, obstacles, or miscalculations can happen during a renovation. Professional contractors provide insurance coverage for liabilities; however, they still cause delays. Common unexpected issues include water damage and adverse weather conditions. It is also possible for homeowners to request additional tweaks and add-ons to a project while taking shape. These can be discussed and achieved but require extra renovation time. 

At Skylight, we work hard to provide clients with realistic renovation timelines based on years of expertise. We have listed the most common project types and their respective duration for your consideration. Please note that these timelines do not represent actual figures. 

Project type timeline range

One bathroom timeline range is 4 to 6 weeks


Two bathrooms timeline range is 6 to 12 weeks


One kitchen timeline range is 5 to 12 weeks


Kitchen and bathroom timeline range is 8 to 16 weeks

Before Kitchen Remodel San Carlos Before & After
After Kitchen Remodel San Carlos Before & After
Before Bathroom Remodel San Carlos Before & After
After Bathroom Remodel San Carlos

Are you interested in an accurate timeline of your project? Sign up for a virtual free quote with us today! In summary, the more details you provide, the closer the estimation. Also, don’t forget to include the preliminary processes such as research, planning, and design. Let us eliminate those frustrations and guesswork in your renovations!