Things to keep in mind when selecting appliances

Kitchen Remodel Menlo Park

When starting a renovation, it’s important to select the right appliances. If you’re looking to purchase your own appliances, or would like us to re-use your existing appliances, we kindly ask that you review the below guidelines to ensure a smooth construction experience.

Existing appliances to be reused

Make sure you:

  • Verify all dimensions (width x height x depth) and depth of door handles off doors.
  • Verify power and fuel requirements (if applicable) or other special connections (water line for water/ice dispensers, wifi, additional electrical requirements).
  • Provide the model and serial number if possible.
  • Hood vents and laundry machines – verify if there is an existing exhaust duct that vents directly to the exterior.


appliance refrigerator illustration
  • We generally recommend counter depth fridges to better integrate with cabinetry. 
  • If the fridge has a water/ice dispenser, note that a new water line will be required if one does not exist.


appliance range illustration
  • Most consumer ranges and cooktops are suitable for home use. ‘Professional’ or ‘Pro-sumer’ types of ranges/cooktops (Thermador, Blue Star, Thor, Forno) require special considerations, such as steel riser backsplashes and higher powered hood fans, that complicate the construction process. Before purchasing these types of ranges and cooktops, please consult us to see if we can install these for your project.

Hood Fan/ventilation

appliance hood fan illustration
  • Maximum hood fan power should be 400cfm (if higher than 400cfm, building code requires special considerations to the overall house mechanical system).
  • We recommend purchasing a hood fan that is the same width as the range/cooktop.
  • We can install most types of ventilation hoods (island, wall mounted, under cabinet, cabinet inserts), but do not recommend downdraft hoods.
  • If purchasing an over-the-range microwave, please ensure that it can be vented directly to the exterior (not a recirculating fan).


appliance microwave illustration
  • Note that unless microwaves are specifically a ‘built-in’ microwave, it is not permissible to install a microwave in a cabinet behind a closed door. However, we are able to install a microwave in an open cabinet providing the manufacturer clearances are met.

Wall Ovens/Microwaves

For a seamless and integrated look, some wall/microwave ovens require a trim kit to be purchased and installed as well.


appliance dishwasher illustration
  • Most dishwashers are the standard ‘under-counter’ height, but please note that some dishwashers are ADA compliant and are typically 2” lower than standard dishwashers.
  • For a seamless look, we are able to install ‘panel-ready’ dishwashers.

Laundry washer and drying machines

appliance laundry illustration
  • If installing new appliances in existing locations, please make note of the door swings of the washer/dryer – most washing machines do not allow the door swing to be changed.
  • Please make note if you are purchasing a stacking kit with your washer/dryer. 

If you wish to start your renovation with Skylight, the project team will review your appliance selection to ensure that our crews can install your selected appliances in advance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.