Colors of The Year 2021

color of the year 2021

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute chooses a special color of the year to guide interior design trends around the world for the months to come. In 2020, the color was the color of anticipation, known as Classic Blue. This year, they’ve chosen two interesting colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

As a brand, Skylight has long been a fan of yellow. It’s joyful, inspiring, and beautiful, which are the exact sensations we think any home renovation project should bring about. Here’s a closer look at what the colors of the year are and why they’re great picks for your future renovation.

What the colors of the year look like

The Pantone Color Institute picked these two colors thanks to their warmth and dependability. Illuminating is a bright, cheery yellow. Warm like the sun, this yellow is timeless and evokes feelings of strength. Meanwhile, Ultimate Gray is the color of smooth pebbles. Strong, solid, and dependable, this color is timeless and easily the foundation of any palette.

gray - colors of the year 2021
Illuminating - colors of the year 2021

Whether you choose to use them together or apart, both of these colors can find their way into many interior design schemes. Grays have already proven to be a new favorite neutral color, while yellow provides a zesty, refreshing twist that could be just the pop of color your kitchen or bathroom renovation needs.

Why these colors?

The color combination chosen by Pantone is highly suiting for 2021. Together, they help express strength, hope, and an enduring, vibrant spirit. Here at Skylight, we were thrilled to see yellow in the lineup as it instantly calls to mind positivity and excites the mind for what’s ahead. That’s why we’ve chosen it for our own brand, because we believe the concept of home renovation should always spark excitement and have a joyful experience.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Gray is soft on the eye, yet optimistic. It also brings in warmth, combining with the yellow to help balance out the brightness. We think the combination is brilliant and invigorating, and the use of these colors in both kitchen and bathroom designs proves impactful and pleasing.

Pops of yellow for your kitchen

Here are some stunning kitchen designs bringing a vibrant energy into the homes with the colors of the year.

We thought this was a stunning kitchen to share from Remodelista. This was designed by Lonika Chande (photography by Simon Brown). When we see yellow, we think fresh, zesty and happy. Yellow is a color of optimism, intellect, joy, and energy. This makes it particularly suited for kitchen spaces. This kitchen proves it. Modern design is all about clean lines and it often incorporates hard, sleek surfaces like metal and stone. Yellow softens those elements and brings energy and fun into the mix, offsetting what could otherwise feel cold and sterile.

colors of the year - kitchen

Below, another beautiful kitchen designed by Lynn K. Leonidas (photography by Brad Knipstein) with Indian Saffron Zellige tiles from Clé.

colors of the year - kitchen

A different and very interesting way to add a vibrant warmth into your kitchen is by adding a yellow floor as seen below. This kitchen is another great example by Dyke & Dean.

colors of the year - bathroom

Calming grays to relax a spa bathroom

When done right, gray brings neutrality and balance to a room. When overdone, it can make things seem dull. In this bathroom design, the gray slate tiles create a contemporary and warm shower space and enhance the gray veins of the Calacatta marble. You can check the full project here.

Here is another project we did recently with gray and white tones. The bathroom was upgraded to include a large open shower and a more modern look. The gray floor tiles are contrasted with white subway tiles to define a contemporary space, while the concrete effect quartz countertop seamlessly blends the elements together. You can check the full project here.

Put more thought into your space

By working to understand what these colors mean individually and how they can work within your space, either together or apart, you can use these color choices to help you with your home renovation project. It all starts with having the right knowledge so you can make a choice that won’t go out-of-style overnight.

We hope this article helped you choose the right colors for you space. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Skylight for advice.