Selecting your countertop

selecting your countertop

Your countertop needs to provide a durable, resilient and stylish surface for all the work you do in your kitchen. When selecting your material, it is important to consider both aesthetic and functional considerations. 

Countertop Material

Let’s start off with your countertop material options. You can explore natural stones from granite and marble, to engineered stones such as Quartz. You can even explore wood options too. 

Our top recommendation for countertops is Quartz. This man-made engineered stone is highly resistant to chips and cracks, and does not harbour bacteria.

Unlike natural stone materials such as marble and granite, quartz is stain resistant and does not require the maintenance of applying a sealing coat. If you’d like a clean surface with little maintenance, quartz is your go-to material. 

Visualization of a white kitchen design
Kitchen White-06 Collection Set - Countertop Custom
Kitchen Trends-04 Collection Set
Kitchen Trends-04 Collection Set - Countertop Custom
Kitchen Trends Collection Set
Kitchen Trends Collection Set - Countertop Custom

As it is an engineered stone, Quartz comes in a large range of colors and patterns to suit your project. You can find basic colors such as white, grey, black and tan, to patterns similar to marble, granite, concrete and limestone. You can confidently find your preferred countertop color and pattern detail in quartz! 

Kitchen Gray Collection Set
Kitchen Gray Collection Set - Countertop Custom
Kitchen Trends-03 Collection Set
Kitchen Trends-03 Collection Set - Countertop Custom
Kitchen Gray-02 Collection Set
Kitchen Gray-02 Collection Set - Countertop Custom

Custom vs Prefab Slabs

Another thing to consider when selecting your countertop material, is whether you would like a custom or prefabricated countertop. Custom countertops are full sized slabs that you can select directly and therefore are more expensive and will increase your total materials cost. Prefabricated countertops are standard sized slabs that come with a laminated flat edge installed on 3 sides and are well suited for bathroom countertops. These countertops are less expensive, and can typically be found in the most popular countertop colors and patterns. With prefabricated slabs, you do not need to buy the full custom slab, which therefore reduces costs and waste. 

Countertop Vendor Partners 

At Skylight, we work with MSI and Daltile to source your countertop material. These vendors are large distributors of quartz and natural stone. Their quartz selection is extensive to suit all styles and designs. They also offer prefabricated slabs to meet your size and shape requirements for your project. 

We hope this article helped you choose the right countertop for you space. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Skylight for advise.