Should I choose a custom or prefabricated vanity?

Bathroom Remodel Daly City

Choosing the right bathroom vanity will add much-needed storage and create an interesting focal point for your bathroom. Your first renovation decision? Deciding between a custom-built vanity and a ready-made prefab one.

Custom Vanities

A custom vanity is built to order and allows the most flexibility in both function and design. You can choose whatever style, size and storage configuration you like for a one-of-a-kind piece. A custom vanity is an especially good choice for built-ins that need to fit in a specific space. Below is a bathroom renovation that we did in Oakland. For full project details, check here.

Bathroom Remodel Oakland


  • Great for built-ins and unusual spaces
  • Flexibility in storage; i.e. combining drawers and open shelves for your needs
  • Maximum choice of cabinet door style and finishes


  • Typically more expensive than prefabricated vanities
  • Require longer lead time to build and deliver

Skylight Solutions for Custom Vanities

Skylight designs custom vanities for your bathroom with Kraftmaid, a manufacturer well known for its high-quality cabinetry. Kraftmaid offers a wide variety of door styles, materials, and finish choices, including various wood tones and paint colors to choose from. Below is another bathroom remodel we did in Daly City. You can check here for full project details.

Prefabricated Vanities

Prefab vanities offer a quick, convenient solution to upgrade your bathroom. They come in a variety of standard sizes that fit into most bathrooms with ease. Ready-made vanities are available in styles ranging from traditional to modern and offer a pleasing selection of popular colors, including white gray and even navy blue. Here are two vanities we added: the one on the left in Palo Alto (check here) and the one on the right in South San Francisco (check here).

Bathroom Remodel South San Francisco


  • Generally more affordable than custom cabinetry
  • Faster turnaround to finish your remodel
  • Ideal for a freestanding unit


  • May be difficult to match an unusual color or style in an existing bathroom
  • More difficult to create a built-in look

Other Vanity Considerations

Whether you choose a custom or prefabricated vanity, you’ll want to consider all of the elements of your vanity as you shop, including:

  • Door hardware: The size, shape, and finish of handle and knobs
  • Faucets and fixtures: The color, size and shape of the faucet, number and style of handles, and other features like drain stops
  • Sinks: The number, shape and size of the sinks, plus the style of installation: countertop, undermount, or integrated
  • Counters: The color and material of the countertop

We hope this article helped you choose the right vanity for you space. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Skylight for advise.