10 Ways to maximize storage in a small kitchen

Storage in a Small Kitchen

Dream big dreams, even with a small kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is the most popular home improvement project and offers an excellent way to improve your home’s value and convenience. Be inspired by these 10 ways to maximize storage in a small kitchen. Expand your horizons with space-saving features and trending designs.

#1. Organize Pantry Items

Organize Pantry Items

One of the most important design choices for small kitchens is a storage strategy. You may not have as many cabinets and shelves as your friends with extra-large kitchens, so you need to manage your space wisely.

Use clear containers and labeled shelving to keep your baking supplies, spices, grains, and utensils in the right place. An organized room also has a calming effect.

#2. Opt for Spacious Cabinet Designs

Spacious Cabinet Designs

Invest in custom cabinets to make use of every available inch of space. When you choose a custom design, you can create deep-set drawers, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and other space-saving items. Starting with a custom design is a convenient way to incorporate many of the following built-in features.

#3. Try a Rolling Pantry

Rolling Pantry

Get your remodeling project rolling with a pantry on wheels. These functional cabinets (photography by Arova Kitchens & Bathrooms) can be slim enough to fit in otherwise unused spaces. Wheels allow these shelving units to slide out of small nooks, like between your fridge and a wall. They can be a great place to store seasonings, spices, oils, or sauces. 

#4. Enjoy the Island Life

island with storage

If you don’t already have this trending design feature in your home, then it’s a good time to consider one. Islands are convenient and stylish additions to even the smallest kitchens. Make the most of this oasis of space by installing shelves or cupboards on both sides. Even if you have barstools on the front of your island, this is a great place to store infrequently used items. 

#5. Use Built-in Storage Features

built-in storage

A professional contractor can work miracles in a small kitchen space. As you design custom cabinets to maximize the storage and work areas, ask about available built-in features.

A cutting board and knife station that pulls out over your garbage is a perfect solution for no-mess cutting. Paper towels and dishwashing tools can also be safely stored in built-in features. Your goal with a small workspace should be to keep it completely clear by creating areas to store all your items.

#6. Scale Down Your Dishwasher

Appliances take up a large portion of your kitchen. If you’re feeling cramped between a dishwasher, fridge, oven, and sink, then look for ways to scale down all that hardware.

A dishwasher drawer takes up less space than a full-size unit while still providing efficient cleaning. Your custom cabinet contractor can help you find room in your designs for this space-saving solution.

#7. Rock These Roll Out Drawers

Another trending feature to maximize space is a roll-out drawer setup. These drawers can be placed very close together vertically and give you easy access to the full length of your cabinets.

Racks installed on the doors of your cabinets give you even more opportunities to sort your items. Avoid creating a pile of containers, dishes, and pantry items by using these convenient drawers in one or more cabinets.

#8. Repurpose Other Storage Areas

Even the most organized kitchens have their storage limit. If you’ve sorted all your items and used up every available inch in your small room, it may be time to use other storage areas. Take a walk around your home for inspiration as you consider areas with room to spare.

Extra cleaning supplies can be stored in a hall closet instead of your kitchen. Barware and excess drinkware can be placed in your dining room.

#9. Use Every Corner

Kitchen Storage Areas

Standard cabinet designs leave a large square of unused space in the corners of your kitchen. Make the most of this space by installing blind corner cabinets. Place items not commonly used back in these blind corners where you can access them as needed.

#10. Personalize Your Refrigerator

Is your refrigerator taking up a considerable portion of your kitchen? Be sure you’re making the most of this space with a custom fridge drawer design. Just like your custom cabinets and other space-saving design choices, custom refrigerator drawers allow you to maximize your space by personalizing areas and removing unused features.

Bonus Tip: Lighten Up Your Home

Still looking for ways to maximize your design? Refresh your small space with light colors and bright tones. Dark colors tend to feel heavy and restricted, but a bright wall, cabinet, countertops, or accent color can be just the feature your kitchen needs to feel bright and airy.

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