4 Things that will impact kitchen spaces in the coming years

what future kitchen spaces will look like

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, but it has taken on greater importance since the COVID-19 pandemic began. When you’re home more than ever before, you naturally use the kitchen more for cooking and eating.

Since 2020, the kitchen has become a workspace for adults working remotely and children learning from home. No longer is the kitchen all about food and entertainment. It’s also a practical place where families might spend hours every day getting work done before dinnertime. And there’s no telling when that might change, as more people than ever have become used to working remotely or learning from home.

That’s why we want to highlight the kitchen features you’ll likely need in the next few years. We think it’s clear that future kitchens will become multipurpose kitchen spaces, but what will kitchens look like? Here’s what we found with these four features that will affect kitchen spaces in the coming years.

1. More Surfaces for Multipurpose Kitchen Space

Multipurpose Kitchen Space

One of the biggest trends will be more surfaces for families to use. It’s not always practical to put your work laptop in the same space where your kids are eating breakfast or your partner is making coffee. You need some room to spread out, and that means making sure there’s plenty of multipurpose kitchen space.

In particular, some experts see tables becoming more popular. One survey found that 62 percent of people want a table in their kitchen as they plan their remodel. Tables not only promote socializing when you have family members in the kitchen, but they also offer extra space for laptops and paperwork for remote work or school.

Islands will continue to be popular in future kitchens, as this room becomes even more of a family hub. But they might change in shape and function to work better as a multipurpose kitchen space. Large islands are already common, but many families are customizing them for their needs. For example, you can expand the island to get the size and shape you want by adding a counter-height table to one end. You can also ask kitchen remodelers to design a brand-new island with all the features you want. This might include many drawers and outlets, a built-in cutting board, or even work surfaces you can raise and lower as needed.

2. Smarter, More Sustainable Appliances

kitchen smart appliances

It shouldn’t be a surprise that kitchen spaces will focus more on technology and sustainability in the next coming years. In fact, many families already have technology incorporated into their appliances, such as microwaves that you control from a phone and refrigerators that display digital menus and grocery lists. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s 2021 Design Trends Research report, you can expect more of this technology in future kitchens. 

Kitchen spaces in the coming years could feature a tablet for voice commands, letting you pull up recipes, set timers, preheat the oven, switch on appliances, and more. They might have wireless work surfaces that use magnetic conduction electricity to charge everything from toasters and kettles to phones and laptops.

The point of all this technology in the kitchen is to make cooking quicker, safer, and more enjoyable, especially when more people are staying home to eat.

3. A Focus on Efficiency

Efficient kitchens

Increased efficiency is another important feature to look forward to in the coming years. Simply put, future kitchens will offer more efficient methods of cooking. One option might include combi-steam ovens, which are ovens that let you cook with convected heat, pressure-free steam, or both. With this method, cooking is more efficient and healthier than a conventional oven or microwave.

Similarly, magnetic induction stovetops, such as Grundig’s VUX technology and Electrolux, will increase in popularity in future kitchens because they cook food faster than electric cooktops while losing less heat. There are even sink faucets that use aerators to reduce water consumption—making water usage more efficient!

4. Plenty of Light

More Light for Kitchen Space

Finally, kitchen spaces in the next coming years will feature plenty of light. Natural lighting is still ideal, so future kitchens should have plenty of windows. Responsive lighting is a great alternative when that’s not possible.

What is responsive lighting, and what will kitchens look like with this feature? This type of lighting can vary to match the time of day or the general mood you want to set in your kitchen. It can detect the amount of natural light in the room, dimming or turning off when there’s plenty of sunlight—and brightening when there’s not.

We hope you’re intrigued by these four things that will affect kitchen spaces in the next coming years! An exciting kitchen remodel may be in your future, whether that’s installing a larger island, adding modern lighting, or incorporating another feature. Browse our portfolio or contact us to find out how we can help you get the multipurpose kitchen space you deserve.