Selecting your kitchen sink type

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From a design perspective, the kitchen sink is one of the main focal points in the room, and the materials and type of kitchen sink you choose will set the tone for your kitchen’s (and your home’s) overall aesthetic. From a practical perspective, it’s important to factor in things like your family’s size and cooking habits, your kitchen tools and appliances, and the level of cleaning and maintenance required to keep your kitchen sink looking and functioning like new for years to come.

Tips and Guidelines for Selecting Your Sink Type

The first step is choosing a style for your kitchen sink. Here’s an overview of the most common types of kitchen sinks, materials, and the best uses for each according to your personal preferences and needs.

Types of kitchen sinks 

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Single bowl sink with deep basin – This is a popular style that helps to maximize the space inside your sink. It’s a great choice that provides ample room to comfortably scrub and wash large pots and pans, and has extra space to prep large quantities of food. 

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Double bowl sink – Dual basins allow you to wash dishes and utensils in one basin, and prep food in the smaller one. Basins can be of equal size (50/50) or differing sizes (60/40).

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Farmhouse sink – This kitchen sink style has a distinctive apron front that provides an attractive vintage aesthetic. The farmhouse sink is available in multiple colors, however white is the most popular choice. 

Choosing a sink material

Here are some of the advantages and benefits of each type of kitchen sink material:

Stainless steel – durable and easy to clean

Porcelain – traditional material with a classic, vintage look

Granite or natural stone – provides a natural look that can match countertop selection, and is more resistant to chips and scratches

Undermount vs Overmount Sink 

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Undermount sink – Mounted to the bottom of the countertop and held in place by special adhesives and heavy-duty clips with no visible rim. One pro is that the countertop extends all the way to the sink and provides more countertop surface area. This a modern and popular choice for kitchen sinks.

overmount kitchen sink

Overmount sink – Also known as drop-in/top-mount sink, the weight is supported by a lip resting on top of the countertop. 

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