10 Kitchen design trends you’ll see in 2021

kitchen design trend

The year, so far, has changed our lives in significant ways – especially in how we communicate and live, or spend time inside or outside the home. Because of quarantining, 2021 kitchen design trends support some major changes in kitchen renovation. The following top-10 list gives you an idea about what to expect in kitchen design choices for 2021.

1. Use of Organic Materials 

organic materials

Organic materials, such as wood or stone for the floor and countertops, will complement more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable kitchen environments These designs easily integrate with clean and contemporary spaces. They also work well when you want to feature your outdoor landscape in your kitchen’s design.

Stone countertops, such as granite and soapstone, represent two durable and attractive choices. Granite adds to a property’s value, making it easy to sell. Professionals in the home remodeling field frequently use soapstone in historic homes, as it lends an antique look to a kitchen’s design.

Kitchen design choices in 2021 for flooring include hardwood, slate, concrete, and bamboo. Slate stands up well in both indoor and outdoor applications, as it resists stains well and is highly water-resistant.

2. Touchless Faucets 

Touchless Faucets

Contactless and touchless are buzzwords now in the home improvement industry, making touchless faucets is a must-have kitchen hardware and accessory. Handwashing awareness has also influenced the use of the hardware. Users lightly tap the motion-sensored faucets, allowing for better hygiene, and less cleanup time when preparing food or cooking.

3. Warmer Color Schemes

Warmer Color Schemes

While homeowners still like white kitchens, they also embrace warmer colors in today’s kitchen designs. Warmer color schemes evoke the familiarity, security, and comfort of home. Homeowners especially like the warmer tones of beige – always impressive when combined with natural materials, such as wood or stone.

4. Range Hoods

Specialty Ovens

Once considered too distracting in a kitchen’s design, range hoods have made a comeback in kitchen design choices for 2021. Designers use the hoods to enliven a kitchen’s character and personality. While not considered a statement piece, the range hood provokes an ornate, if not, a sensational look in today’s kitchen upgrades. One trend that looks great in kitchen design choices for 2021 is the one-use material minimalist slab look, which is attractive and easy to clean.

5. More Storage and Kitchen Space

Spacious Cabinet Designs

The emphasis in 2021 on at-home activities, such as cooking, has given rise to the need for increased storage space. People are buying more specialty ingredients and appliances, making extra storage a requirement. L-shaped kitchen designs allow for increased space and functionality in smaller kitchens as well.

6. Fused Outdoor Settings

kitchen fused outdoor setting

Staying inside for longer periods has given homeowners the inspiration to fuse the outdoors with their indoor kitchen space. Blending the outdoor space with their kitchen gives homeowners a change of scenery without resorting to travel or dining away from home. Therefore, property owners are looking at kitchen upgrades that include larger, picture-sized windows and bifold doors – any additions that create more balance in experiencing an indoor-and-outdoor feel.

7. Larger Kitchen Islands

large kitchen island

The kitchen, for most of us, represents a gathering place – a spot where friends and family can eat, socialize, and just hang out. Therefore, property owners now want to include larger islands, up to 24 square feet, in their kitchen’s design. This is one of the prominent kitchen design choices for 2021 that has created a strong following.

8. Specialty Ovens

Specialty Ovens

Because people have reverted to cooking more at home, they prefer to use specialty ovens, such as the convection oven, which allows for shorter cooking times. Therefore, they like to switch out more traditional appliances for this space-saving and time-saving upgrade. Homeowners also prefer steam ovens over microwaves, as the appliances support healthier cooking and eating.These two appliance upgrades will play major roles in influencing 2021 kitchen design trends and improvements for home remodeling.

9. Green Colored Cabinets

Green Colored Cabinets

Inspired by nature, green-colored cabinets are appearing in 2021 kitchen design trends. Two popular shades include hunter green and sage.

10. A Return to Simplicity

minimal kitchen

Updates in kitchen design choices for 2021 feature a concealed and minimalist look, or a return to a basic design that emphasizes a more organized, minimalist appearance. Kitchen designers use concealed storage areas that remove the look of hardware and highlight hidden and subtle spaces for increased functionality.

We hope you’re intrigued by these ten design trends in 2021! An exciting kitchen remodel may be in your future, whether that’s installing a larger island, adding a modern look, or incorporating another feature. Browse our portfolio or contact us to find out how we can help you get a stunning kitchen remodel.