Vanity considerations for your bathroom remodel

Double vanity

Bathrooms are relatively smaller spaces, and vanity considerations given below maximize space utilization and ensure optimum benefits. Vanities provide storage, enable sanitation, and can also hide the plumbing.

Vanity Considerations Based on Use

When starting a bathroom renovation, consider a double sink vanity if you and your spouse or partner are going to use the sink simultaneously in the morning. More storage and counter space are a consideration if you’re particular about makeup and coiffuring.

Popular Vanity Sizes

Standard vanity sizes include 24”,36”,48”,60”, and 72”. Factors that influence size include the number of vanities, storage, existing plumbing, and available space.

Vanity Height and Depth

A comfortable height for easy use is a vital vanity consideration. The average size is between 33”-35”. A depth of 22” is standard, though it can depend on use and personal choice.

Vanity Types

There are six commonly installed vanity types which are the following.

Pedestal – Easy to install and space savers, pedestal vanities have only a sink and basin with no countertop or storage.

pedestal vanity

Free-standing – It has a square or rectangular body, can be constructed to meet space constraints, and may have two sinks.

Free-standing vanity

Floating – Also known as a wall-mounted vanity, this type saves floor space and gives the bathroom a chic appeal.

floating vanity

Vessel – It’s a fancy-looking vanity with bowl-shaped sinks jutting out with their separate taps. It offers good storage beneath the sink.

Vessel Vanity

Under-Mounted Sink – This style features a built-in basin mounted below the countertop. This is an unobtrusive style but with restricted storage beneath the sink.

Under-Mounted Sink Vanity

Cabinet – It features pull-out drawers and can be customized to meet your storage needs. It can be designed using wood, metal, etc.

cabinet vanity

Single or Double

Double Vanity – Two sinks rather than one is a good idea for larger households. Double vanities save time and also add to the value of a property. With myriad combinations of cabinets and sink styles, these can be fitted to suit your taste and budget.

Double vanity

Single Vanity – A single vanity is the most commonly found type in bathrooms.

single vanity

Vanity Materials

  • Solid Plywood – Lightweight, moisture resistant, easy to shape, and cheaper than solid wood, is a popular option.
  • Particle Board – An inexpensive composite material that can feature wood, laminate, or melamine veneers for diverse looks.
  • Marble – It’s a smooth, durable, and attractive surface. Marble costs more and may require regular cleaning.

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