10 Bathroom design trends we’re loving in 2021

bathroom design trend

Bathrooms have come a long way in recent years. Today, bathroom design is all about adding personality, drama, and flair. It’s a unique way to add vibrancy to your space without committing to dramatic layout changes throughout your home. It can also create an atmosphere where you’ll feel uplifted in the morning and relaxed after a long day. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few bathroom design trends for 2021 and beyond.

Funky Hardware 

Under-Mounted Sink Vanity

Add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom with funky black or brass hardware like towel racks, faucets and fixtures, and accessories. The bold tones will create contrast and depth in the room, drawing the eye to various elements. This makes a statement while adding a classic touch for timeless bathroom design.

Concealed and Integrated Lighting

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Soft, concealed lighting is calming because it offers warm illumination without the glare of harsh overhead fixtures. Integrated lighting looks effortless and creates a subtle glow that will elevate any bathroom into a spa-like escape. You can use integrated lighting to add warm LED lights underneath a vanity or behind a mirror to create a luxe glow throughout the room or within specific areas.

Texture, Texture, Texture! 

bathroom vanity texture

Texture is a great way to insert a pop of personality into your bathroom. The vanity is one of the easiest places to add eye-catching texture because it’s one of the largest focal points in the room. Instead of installing a plain vanity with a smooth surface, try a warm wood vanity with a ridged texture or detailed carving.

Intricate Flooring

Make your floor a piece of artwork with interesting tiles or intriguing patterns. You can use triangle tiles in bright, cheerful colors to create a contemporary geometric look or an intricate floral or Art Deco pattern as a conversation piece with houseguests. Abstract patterns are another exciting option.

Statement Tubs

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The tub is often the first thing people see when they walk in the bathroom, so why not make it interesting? In 2021, we’ve been seeing an increase in funky tubs, whether they’re asymmetrical, free-standing as a centerpiece to the room, or colorfully adorned on the exterior. If you’re not keen on entirely replacing your tub, just change the fixtures to something eye-catching like rich brass or black.


Niches can be both practical and pleasing to the eye. They’re relatively easy to create compared to other major renovations, and once they’re done, they add depth to the room and help you save on space. Add a niche to your shower wall or bookend your vanity with niches on both sides. Then you’ll have a fun and trendy way to display your favorite products, scented candles, or small decor items.

Wet Rooms

bathroom with wet room

Enclose your shower and bathroom with glass walls to create a gorgeous wet room that feels like a luxurious spa. A wet room can make your bathroom a relaxing oasis where you can steam, spray, and soak away your worries. Want to make it even more luxe? Consider adding a steam shower and a wooden or stone bench for a sauna experience.

Dramatic Wallpaper

bathroom wallpaper

On the left, you have a stunningly bold, graphic, black-and-white wallpaper by Flo Design Studio and on the right, you have chic look with stylish zebras designed by Ann Lowengart. Fun, funky wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to transform and update the look of your bathroom. Think large tropical leaves, oversized florals, or other nature-inspired patterns. You can also layer various materials to add texture or create one statement wall to break up the monotony of a monochrome color scheme.

Veined Marble

bathroom with veined marble

Veined marble is a classic, traditional bathroom material, but you can use it to modernize the look of your bathroom by going large scale. The image on the left has a striking backdrop designed by Pierre Yovanovitch and the image on the right uses a paonazzo marble designed by Maddux Creative. Instead of adding a simple marble countertop, throw in an entire marble wall to make a bigger, bolder statement. You may also want to look for extra veiny marble for an artsy, abstract look.

Warm Wood

Modern bathroom design is moving away from entirely white-washed spaces and moving towards more natural materials and design elements like warm wood. A wooden vanity, mirror frame, or cabinets in warm wood tones can add an earthy atmosphere that is incredibly relaxing after a long day. You can also use warm wood in shelving, flooring, wall panels, and window shutters.

It doesn’t take much to create a timeless bathroom design. If you want to stay on top of the current trends, these design techniques are all the rage for 2021. Not only will they add personality and pizzazz to your bathroom, but they’ll also create an incredibly inviting space and may even add value to your home. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Skylight for advice.