10 Ways to make your bathroom into a spa-like escape

serenity bathroom

A bathroom is so much more than just a room for cleaning up. It can also be a peaceful escape from the hecticness of day-to-day life and a place where you can truly relax and recharge. No matter what size your bathroom, there are a number of ways you can transform it into your own personal spa. From small, easy tweaks to more involved renovations that can increase the overall value of your house, these are some top tips on how to create a spa-like bathroom.

Add Natural Elements

serene bathroom with natural elements

Natural materials like wood and stone can make a space feel more grounded and serene because they bring to mind that primal connection to nature. There are many ways you can add natural touches to your spa-like bathroom, including wooden shelves, a rustic stone sink, marble tiles, or strategically placed river rocks. 

Install Heated Floors

Nothing ruins a soothing bath more than having to step over cold floors to get there or stepping out of the warmth onto freezing tiles. Invest in heated floors to make the whole bathroom experience blissful from start to finish. It may take some time and effort to set up a floor heating system, but you’ll thank yourself during the chilly winter months.

Set Up a Bathtub Caddy

bathtub caddy

A bathtub caddy is the perfect spa bathroom accessory for anyone who loves kicking back with a glass of wine, candle, or a good book while enjoying a soothing bubble bath. Some bathtub caddies even have tablet holders so you can stream your favorite shows and hooks to hang loofahs or washcloths.

Switch to a Rainfall Shower or Steam Shower

bathroom steam shower

If you’re renovating your bathroom, a rainfall shower is a great upgrade because it adds a luxurious touch. A steam shower is also a great way to create a more relaxing bathroom. For a spa insider tip, add a few drops of essential oil in the steam shower for a true spa experience.

Dim the Lights

Obviously, you need the lights in the bathroom to be bright enough to see yourself in the mirror when you’re shaving and taking care of other grooming tasks. However, a dimmer switch is excellent for when you want to soften the atmosphere and set the mood for winding down at the end of the day.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Whirlpool Bathtub

It’s hard to relax when you’re in the midst of a mess because a cluttered space contributes to a cluttered mind. Minimalism works best for a relaxing bathroom spa. Everything in your bathroom should be stored somewhere, preferably off the counter and floor. If you must have things out, such as hand soap, stick to the bare essentials and try to use minimalist containers.

Bring in Some Greenery

Plants are not only beautiful to look at, but they also smell great and help purify the air. You can go minimalist with a single eucalyptus stem or bamboo branch in a glass vase, or create a serene garden spa vibe with multiple plants in hanging pots, on your bathroom shelves, or on the countertop.

Use Neutral Colors

Double vanity

Neutral colors soften the look of a space, which has a very calming effect. Look for earthy colors such as tans, warm browns, soft whites, and grays. You can throw in subtle accent colors, but try to add them in moderation. Aim for just one or two pops of soft natural colors like a light blue vase or colorful flower here and there.

Opt For Fluffy Towels and Towel Warmers

Fluffy towels are an absolute must for any spa-like bathroom because they feel great on the skin. In fact, even the look of plush towels displayed on a shelf brings on a warm and fuzzy feeling. For an added touch, install a towel warmer to make getting out of the shower or bath a seamless spa-like experience.

Add a Fireplace

A fireplace is a luxe addition to any spa-like bathroom. It’s definitely a splurge, but the upside is that it will create an extremely relaxing and cozy environment that is perfect for long baths and keeping the bathroom toasty warm in the colder months. As an added bonus, a fireplace can increase the resale value of your home.

We hope this article helped you choose the right spa-like environment for your bathroom. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Skylight for advice.