5 Ways to make an all white kitchen not boring

white kitchen style

White kitchens are stunning, there’s no doubt about it. Done right, they are light, bright, airy, and a gleaming blank canvas for culinary creations. 

But they can also be a little “one note” and the eye can get lost in all that white. 

Good design is about visual intrigue, so if you’re looking for tips on how to design an all white kitchen, it’s easy to add a few thoughtful touches that will take your space from nothing special to simply spectacular. 

1. Add pops of color with accents and accessories

white kitchen style

Kitchens are full of surfaces that are perfect for a bright pattern or burst of color. 

The key to making this work without overwhelming the room with color is to choose a surface that isn’t too big. Leave your cabinets and counters all white and instead try adding some flair in the following ways: 

  • A statement backsplash

Add a dynamic look and feel to the wall above your stove and countertops with a cool color or pattern. Go French countryside with rustic tilework, create a classic look with a granite or marble texture, or keep things ultra-modern with a solid color in a glossy or matte finish.

  • A colorful patterned rug

A funky rug is always an excellent way to add a bold focal point to a room. Not only does it make an all white kitchen pop, it also adds warmth and coziness. 

  • Bright barstools

Barstools don’t just provide seating. They’re an awesome kitchen design element, too. Some of our favorite ways to complement an all white kitchen area with barstools in dark burnished wood for a cool contrasting effect and high-shrine chrome barstools with vinyl seats for a retro vibe. 

These are just ideas to get you inspired—the sky’s the limit, so use your creativity to add accents that spice up your kitchen design. 

2. Use open shelving as a flexible kitchen design element 

white kitchen style

Open shelving is awesome because it’s like a rotating art exhibition right in your kitchen. You can decide to display whatever you like and you get to mix it up whenever you feel like it. 

One month, you might decide that your pretty dishware gets the place of honor on your open shelves. The next month, it might be your cookbook collection interspersed with bouquets of fresh-cut flowers. 

This is such an easy and fun way to add color and personality to an all-white kitchen, and it’s 100% customizable to your unique tastes. Your open shelves, your rules!

3. Light up your all white kitchen with unique lighting fixtures 

white kitchen style

Don’t forget that your ceiling and vertical spaces are also prime spots for injecting a little pizzazz into your kitchen design. 

A lighting fixture is the ultimate statement piece that can pull together the entire room. Our absolute favorite way to transform a white kitchen is with oversized pendant lighting in a hammered gold finish. It adds shimmer, shine, sophistication, and it draws the eye upward, opening up the space and making it feel bigger and brighter. 

Another excellent approach is to hang a linear chandelier for a moodier, modern touch. 

4. Choose eye-catching hardware 

white kitchen style

Taps, faucets, handles, hinges…they are everywhere in your kitchen and can completely transform the look and feel of the room. 

If you want a unique and trendy look, then black or gold hardware is the way to go. These colors look simply stunning against the backdrop of a sparkling white kitchen. Plus, they are timeless so they’ll look just as good in the years ahead as they do now. 

5. Use contrast to create a striking and dramatic effect 

white kitchen style

One of the best things about a white kitchen is that it provides the perfect neutral palette. When you add dark colors, it creates dramatic, show-stopping contrast that elevates your kitchen design from “nice” to unforgettable

To offset the pristine airiness of the white walls and counters, choose an equally significant element of your kitchen to anchor in dark hues:

  • Dark hardwood floors

Your whites will look whiter against a luxurious hardwood floor in a dark, dramatic stain. 

  • Dark island cabinets

Keeping dark colors low to the ground, like on your kitchen island cabinets, creates a visually striking base that brings out the airy, soaring quality of your white cabinets and walls. 

Playing with opposites in this way draws in the eye, makes the room more dramatic, and creates depth, balance, and the kind of bold kitchen design that elicits oohs and ahhs. 

Final thoughts on all white kitchen designs

These design tips are just the beginning when it comes to how to enhance an all white kitchen. The best ideas come from experimentation, so don’t be shy about trying out whatever tickles your fancy. Unleash your creativity and watch your white kitchen become a thing of beauty. Contact us if you need any help when designing your kitchen.