8 Popular kitchen cabinet materials

kitchen cabinet materials

Is your kitchen in need of an update? If so, cabinets are the best place to start because they can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. When choosing kitchen cabinet materials, there are plenty of options to pick from. You can add a rustic touch with bamboo or make it modern with melamine or high-end lacquered cabinets. Not sure which material is right for you? These are some of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials.

Melamine Cabinets

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Many people opt for melamine kitchen cabinets because the material is sturdy, durable, and comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Melamine is resin that is fused to fiberboard or plywood to create a smooth, plastic-like material. It comes in nearly any finish you can imagine, including solid colors and faux wood patterns. Melamine cabinets are relatively cheap and easy to clean, but can be susceptible to chips and scratches.

Polyester Cabinets

kitchen polyester cabinets

Polyester kitchen cabinets are made with a core of melamine that is then covered with a layer of polyester. Compared to melamine, polyester is slightly more durable and resistant to scratches. You might pay a bit more than you would for melamine cabinets, but you won’t have to worry as much about damage. In addition, polyester cabinets come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can match your cabinets to the rest of your kitchen decor.

Wooden Cabinets

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If you’re going for a classic, natural look, wooden kitchen cabinets are the best choice. Different types of wood will offer various looks, durability, and density. Popular wood choices include maple, poplar, oak, and mahogany. Wood is porous, so it can be susceptible to scratches, insects, warping, and other types of damage. However, it’s easy to repair because you can simply sand down uneven edges, use a wood filler to fix holes and scratches, or paint over any unsightly spots.

Lacquered Cabinets

kitchen lacquered cabinets

Lacquered cabinets have a sleek finish that will add a touch of high-end luxury to any kitchen. Lacquer is similar to paint in that it is a thick substance that you brush on wood or fiberboard to add a protective layer. It creates a beautiful finish that can be glossy or opaque. The only cons are that it can accumulate fingerprints and scratch or chip, but you can fix this by wiping down the lacquer to remove fingerprints or adding another layer to cover up any damage.

Laminate Cabinets

kitchen laminate cabinets

Easy to clean and highly resistant to chips and cracks, laminate is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet materials. It consists of layers of paper and resin that are heated so that they fuse together. Laminate comes in a variety of colors and finishes, which makes it a versatile material. High-pressure laminate (HPL) is the best choice. It can be slightly more expensive than other materials, but it is very durable.

Aluminum Cabinets

kitchen aluminum cabinets

Aluminum is less common than other types of kitchen cabinet materials, but it is growing in popularity because of its protective properties. This stable metal is waterproof and rust-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for humid climates. It is also non-corrosive, non-flammable, and resistant to insect damage. It may not give the same look as classic wood or laminate, but it is very durable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Fiberboard Cabinets

kitchen fiberboard cabinets

Fiberboard kitchen cabinets are made of wood fibers that are compressed together at high temperatures to create solid pieces. This material is also known as medium density fiberboard (MDF). The advantages of fiberboard are that it won’t warp and you can paint, lacquer, or stain it in different colors and finishes. You can also cover it in thermofoil, which is a protective plastic film. The only downside is that it is not easy to repair chips and cracks, so you may need to replace damaged fiberboard cabinets.

Bamboo Cabinets

kitchen bamboo cabinets

Looking for kitchen cabinet materials that look great and are environmentally friendly? If so, bamboo is an excellent choice. Although it looks like wood, bamboo is actually a hardy grass that grows incredibly fast and is self-renewable, making it a very sustainable building material. It has a warm natural tone that adds an earthy aesthetic. However, if you want to change the tone, you can paint or stain it. It can be a little pricier than other materials, which is something to keep in mind if you’re on a budget.

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinet materials, it all depends on the look you want to achieve, your budget, and how much maintenance you want to put in over the years. Some materials like melamine, polyester, and aluminum are incredibly durable and easy to take care of, while others like wood and bamboo offer classic natural looks and are easy to paint and stain should you want to change up the look of your kitchen. If you’re still not sure which material is right for your kitchen, you can book a virtual consultation with us and get a quote for your kitchen remodel.