Frequently Asked Questions

Bathroom Remodel Daly City

What does your service package include?

We include the full design of your remodel project, which includes a construction-ready plan set for your contractor, a complete materials list, and 3D visualizations to help you make decisions along the way. Ahead of construction, we prepare a permit plan set for submission by your contractor, work with you to ensure your contractor has provided a competitive price for the scope of work specified by Skylight and respond to RFIs (requests for information) from the contractor throughout construction. From the outset of your project, you will be assigned a renovation manager to take care of every detail of your project and keep things running smoothly.

Do I get to choose my own finishing materials?

One of the benefits of Skylight is our full-service package to save time and money. We will recommend finishing materials based on your style preferences from our curated material catalog, but ultimately the final choice is yours. In your Renovation Hub, you will be able to view our recommended layout-related and finished materials and confirm your selections. As part of the contractor handover process we will provide a complete list of finishing materials, with sourcing information, ready for purchase.

Is Skylight licensed and insured?

We match you with a Skylight vetted local contractor who is licensed and insured. Skylight is also a licensed general contractor with the CSLB in California (#1053868) and has the required general contractor insurance coverage including contractor’s bonds, workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance.

How does Contractor matching work?

We match contractors with projects based on project scope, contractor availability, experience, past client verification and ensure that every contractor we work with is fully licensed with the CSLB in California.

What type of remodeling projects do you do?

We offer a full-service design and construction planning package for your kitchen, bathroom or other interior remodels. Take a look at our work portfolio to learn more.

Do you provide free estimates?

We provide a free estimate shortly after our first appointment with you, based on a set of assumptions about your home’s condition. The estimated price strives to include everything required for the project.

What areas do you serve?

Skylight currently serves the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater Los Angeles Area. If you’d like to know if we serve your specific location, please reach out to us at contact@skylight.tools.

Who will manage my project?

You will be assigned a professional renovation manager who will guide you through the design and planning of your remodel. You can learn more about our renovation managers.

Can I see your selection of finish materials?

Yes!  Our finish materials catalog is constantly evolving, but there you can see the latest selection of materials for key design elements. If there’s something outside of the catalog that you’d like to include in your design, you can discuss options with our renovation managers.

Do I need to have design ideas before I start the process?

Share with Skylight your look and feel you want to achieve and we will give you a variety of design collection recommendations. If you’re not sure, look at magazines, websites, or on Pinterest to get some design ideas and Skylight will guide your ideal renovation style and look.

How and when will I make payments?

We invoice based on the work completion of pre-determined milestones on your project. You’ll have a detailed payment schedule before we start.

Which of the photos on the website are from Skylight projects?

All photos and videos profiled in our portfolio, testimonial and before-and-after sections are photos and homeowners from recent Skylight renovation projects.  Images on the top and bottom of pages are stock photography in some cases.

How should I prepare for construction?

Your contractor will be able to answer any construction specific questions as they may have their own way of operating, but here are some of our recommendations on things you can do ahead of construction starting:

  • Confirm a staging area. A staging area is dedicated for storing tools, materials and as a workspace for crew members outside of the work area.
  • Notify your neighbors. It’s always a good idea to let your neighbors know of upcoming construction work, especially now that many people are working from home.
  • Establish a communication method with your contractor that works for both parties (email, phone, text, etc.)
  • Safely store personal belongings and remove furniture from the work area.

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