Our Difference

The Skylight renovating difference

Skylight was created to fix the traditional problems to make home renovating more predictable and efficient, with higher quality results.

What Makes Skylight Better

Bringing excitement to renovating

Skylight has innovated the traditional
home remodel experience.

Budget with Confidence

All-in price

“Renovation Excitement”
Traditional Experience “Renovation Anxiety”
Budget transparency
Price includes everything required for a successful renovation
Price is incomplete
Price often doesn’t include full scope and many required elements
Technology and volume to deliver strong service and quality at great prices
Escalating costs
Inefficiencies can cause expensive and lengthy rework


See it before you choose

“Renovation Excitement”
Traditional Experience “Renovation Anxiety”
See exactly what your renovation will look like on a 3D render before you commit
Bring your own designs
Design work not connected with construction plan
Design options
Our kitchen and bathroom specialists work to deliver on your needs and budget providing cost-design trade-off information
No final design
Design decisions made on the fly during project
Custom elements
Our specialists design cabinetry, custom vanities, and other elements
No custom elements
Coordinate your own custom elements
Material selections
Exactly the right finishing materials for your tastes, and nothing left to the last minute
No material selection support
Select and source your own finishing materials

Renovation Management

Plan for success

“Renovation Excitement”
Traditional Experience “Renovation Anxiety”
Advanced planning
Full project planned before construction starts
No upfront plan
Construction starts without a full plan
Complete plan
Coordinated structural, engineering, permit plans, homeowner association requirements with full plan
Different parties
Separate agreements required with specialists: e.g. structural, asbestos, etc.


Fast and worry-free

“Renovation Excitement”
Traditional Experience “Renovation Anxiety”
Vetted pricing
Verified competitive bid for your scope of work
Complicated bids
Unreviewed, difficult to understand bids
Rapid build
Everything is planned and materials are ready, construction is fast
Construction issues
Lack of planning causes a slow construction phase and price increases including:
  • Materials availability
  • Unforeseen costs
  • Missing scope


Technology powered renovations

Skylight integrates technology and automation into the renovating experience.

Design technology

The latest visualization and 3D rendering capabilities to bring your design to life.

Personalized digital planning hub

Secure online portal to access all project information and see the latest status updates.

Mobile payments

A simple fast way to make payments direct from your phone or computer.

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